Rewind Therapy

What is 'The Rewind Technique?'

The Rewind Techniques was first introduced in David Muss's literature. It was designed to help those who suffer with PTSD or extreme phobias who have their day to day lives negatively impacted. The technique is designed to help the traumatic event that is in your recall memory, (the part of the memory that is used all the time) be filed into another part of your memory. 

What does this mean for you?

This means that the amount of times that you recall the traumatic event will be significantly decreased. This also means that you will not be reliving the traumatic event each time you see, smell, hear, taste, and feel anything that reminds you of the incident. Your day-to-day living will improve, you will be able to start doing things that you were not able to do before.

More information about the technique

I offer a block of sessions for £350.00 (no more than 6 visits will be needed) that just focus on this technique. These are not counselling sessions and only focus on the traumatic incident. I would recommend having counselling after having the rewind therapy. The session comprises of being given a score sheet about how the incident has impacted you and seeing how highly your day-to-day has been affected and then a process of filing the incident in your memory. You will not have to retell the incident to me. 


​The process

Imagine you are sitting in a cinema on your own, You are comfortable and safe. In your mind you will see the screen light up, it will be showing a film of your trauma. You will be watching it on the screen, you will be detached from the trauma. You will be watching it as if it was on a roller coaster, a faster version of the trauma. When you get to the end of your film, you will then rewind back to the beginning before the trauma, as if you are being pulled back through it but this time you have stepped into the film and this is done a great speed. You return to the safe place of the cinema. 

Please do feel free to message me to discuss this further should this be a type of therapy that you would like.