• Karen Baker

How am I different from other therapists?

My journey as training and working as a therapist has included me seeing a therapist, realising what I want and need from a therapist.

So how am I different ? Usually therapists require you to have the same time and day each week. I know that life is busy and having the same day and time each week can be hard to fit other things in, so Im very flexible with sessions, you could have 9pm on a Saturday night one week and 10am on a Tuesday morning the following week. Saving up what you need to chat about each week can be stressful but you also may forget what you want to bring so being flexible with sessions is better for your mental wellbeing.

When you become a client of mine, your mental wellness becomes a priority for me. You will be given my mobile number and are free to message or briefly chat to me in-between your sessions. Clients sometimes need a 5 minute chat if they have had a bad day, so you have the opportunity to have your therapist on call whenever you need support, mental health isn’t for one sessions week and 9-5. Support will be there for you all the time.

When visiting my therapists in the past I was often given a glass of water, and at times a cup of tea is needed! I offer bottled water, tea, coffee or hot chocolate. You will be in a safe, comfortable space to chat and receive support for your issues with a comforting drink.

I chat to clients all over the word via online resources. Regardless of the time, if you are a client of mine I will always find time to fit a Counselling session in for you.

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