• Karen Baker

Why offer block sessions?

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

I offer block sessions not only to offer my clients a discount on having 5 or 10 sessions but when they book block sessions they are more likely to attend sessions. My clients who have paid for the 5 or 10 sessions are 75% more likely to attend their pre paid sessions, this means they are more likely to get the help they need than those who pay for their sessions on a weekly basis. Many put their mental health second to other outgoings in their life and do not make their wellness a priority, but block sessions have shown an increase in attendance in counselling sessions. Our mental well-being is not visible so those around us do not see what’s going on for us Internally and do not encourage us to seek help as much as a physical condition. We need to start putting our mental health on the same level as our physical health, both are equally important.

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