• Karen Baker

Why Counselling?

Working at Childline opened my eyes to how much people need to talk, and this needs to start from a young age. We need to interact to survive. As the world is changing, we are struggling to cope with this and are expected to manage these changes and carry on with our lives. This is hard for adults and even harder for children, who are trying to form identites, find where they belong, make choices and discover the world. Some children have support from schools, colleges, friends and family. What about adults who do not have this support, or those who feel they have to just get by the best they can, and what about those who secretly struggle behind closed doors, these indiviudals get forgotten, what is going on for them is not on show, its hidden inside them, they are having an internal battle and that is so hard for indiviudal's to have to suffer this way without any support. Volunteering for MIND and a drug and alcohol agency highlighted the struggle adults go through and the limited support they have from family, friends and services such as charities and the NHS that can offer counselling. The support available from charities and NHS is very limited and practice very differently to the way I practice. They may offer surface counselling as they do not have the resources or funding to offer long term counselling or may only offer counselling that provides the person with some tools to manage but do not get to the root of the problem or often do not get to the causes of what has contributed to the way the indiviudal is feeling. On many occasions the individual can become lost, they can lose a sense of who they are, what they like doing and become absorbed in the issues that are causing them worries.

I wanted to set up my private pratice to help those who may not have access to counselling because of long waiting lists or have access to the right kind of counselling, to help people explore in-depth their experiences, to undestand and make sense of what has happened to them, to help indiviudals make choices and to rediscover the person who has become lost in their problems.

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